This is what I am sure I look like eating these! lol

Around here we call these "Robbie Burgers." My father in law coined the term years ago so that my husband Rob (not Robbie) would make them and let my father in law off the hook for grilling.

I personally love it when Rob grills burgers for dinner because:
1. It gives me a night out of the kitchen
and 2. Rob really does make a mean burger!

The secret is in the meat and seasoning:
Buy Costco fresh patties!!! They aren't super expensive, and are worth the extra money- trust me! They are super thick, so we cut them in half, unless we are serving a bunch of "macho men."

Rob sprinkles each patty with McCormicks Grill Mates Steak Seasoning. It is so easy, but so fantastic!

Once the meat is grilled, we just build our burgers as anyone would- lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, cheese and all the condiments we like!

Serve with some potato salad or potato chips and there you have it!