Thai Lettuce Wraps

After eating Thai Lettuce Wraps from Claim Jumper, I tried my best at copying the recipe. This is what I came up with:


Lettuce (I usually use romaine because its cheaper, but if you can get bib lettuce, it it my favorite!)

Chicken (I buy the Foster Farms grilled chicken to save time, but you can boil your own breasts if you want)

1 Cucumber and 1 Carrott julienned (spelling?) aka "shredded with a veggie peeler"

1 pkg. of top ramen noodles- cooked, without seasoning packet, drained and cooled.

Peanut sauce (sold as a condiment in the asian food aisle)


Take some lettuce, top it will all the ingredients you want, roll up or fold in sides and eat!