Day 20

Crafting with the Kiddos!

Today I went to Wal Mart on a "date" with Ethan (which in itself was something fun to blog about!) and we picked a craft for the all of us to do this afternoon- painting those plastic sun catchers. A whole set of 18 catchers with the stain and brush was only $4.97!

I bought an extra pack of stain ($1.99) because I wanted to avoid any arguments over paint between Ethan and Leah, but still, a great craft that the kids enjoyed for way less than $10- it was fantastic!

I love afternoons where we get to do something different and sit and have fun. My kids can be hilarious to talk to, and I enjoyed every minute of hearing their thoughts, seeing their excitment, and feeling their pride as they showed their dad their "creations" later that evening.

I took my own pictures, but they wont be posted until our coomputer gets fixed... whenever that will be!