Did I even make a dent?!?

This morning I decided to tackle my absolute least favorite chore in the house...


I stripped my bed and washed the sheets (going to bed tonight is going to feel so nice!) , I washed 1 dark load and 1 white load, hung a whole basket of mine and Rob's clothes that needed to be hung and folded a whole basket of the kids clothes.

It felt good to just focus and get it done, but when it was time to pick up Ethan from school, I looked over my still over-flowing mounds of laundry and wondered if I would ever be able to finish this daunting tast! I still have about 2 loads to wash and probably 6 or 7 loads to fold (no, I am not kidding!)

And this is why I hate laundry so much- it is NEVER done!!!

I vote to make a new rule that all kids and husbands have to wear the same thing all week long. All those is favor???