Diving Right In!!!

Today I hit the ground running and decided to declutter my kitchen cupboards!
The space above my cupboards is going to be the death of me! I have lived in this house for almost 4 years, I change it around every 6 months or so, and I have yet to even like what I have done. It either looks too cluttered or too bare. I most receintly decided to make it the home of some of my "entertaining pieces" ... unfortunately when I have people over I use those pieces it never looks good when company is over. Today I decided I needed to find a space for all those items inside my cupboards. Also, I hate things on the counter. It looks cluttered and attracts dust. I have a bazillion cutting boards in a rack (I love cutting boards!) and I also had my toaster oven on the counter that I really wanted to hide.
So here is the way it looked before:

...and here it is after!

No more cutting boards or toaster oven, and above my cupboards is bare (again!) I still don't love the look up there, but I put it back to how it was when I first moved in and I am pretty much starting over or giving up! (Maybe that could be another project for another day this month...)

My cutting boards are now in this drawer...

...and my toaster oven is in a new spot with all my other small appliances! This cupboard before had a modge podge of mixing bowls, mixers, blenders, collanders... it was definately in need of reorganization!

Here is my mixing bowl/ casserole pan cupboard. It was organized at one time, but you know how it is when you unload the dishwasher in a hurry- things just get shoved places!



I cleaned out above my oven and it is now completely empty! It is a nice, deep cupboard that will be fantastic to use for some food storage! (That is another goal of mine- find more room to store that stuff!!!)

I think one of my favorite things about this reorganization was that I found my missing rice cooker!!! It was above the oven, pushed waaaayyyy back there and it has been missing since we moved in. I almost bought another one this month because I thought we must have lost it in the move! It too is with my other small appliances, just hanging out in its new home! Welcome back!
So look at this-
This is the pile of "Stuff" I gathered to get rid of. Its all things I was saving for who knows why, and I must say, it feels nice not to have it anymore! I was holding on to this wok that I got at our wedding that I think I used 2 times in almost 8 years- I had a plethera of missed-matched tupperware, too many plastic pitchers to count, lids for bowls I NEVER useds, so many "cool" kitchen gadgets that didn't make my life easier as they promised to do... and the list goes on and on. Goodbye unwanted mass of junk!
So that does it for day 2. My house looks better already!