May 2009 Challenge

Home Improvement

Every week day this month, do something to better your home!

Some ideas could be:

- Organize and de-clutter something: a drawer, cupboard, closet, pantry, make-up bag etc.

- Touch up those dings in your walls with some touch-up paint

- Hang some pictures

- Re-arrange your furniture

- Give a good deep clean to something you don't get to regularly

- Re-decorate a room

- Wash those "decoration only" towels hanging in your bathroom

- Dust your ceiling fans, light fixtures and blinds

- Give a good scrub to those hard to reach places- behind your toilet, the corners or your grout, baseboards etc.

-Wash and polish your door knobs (who ever does that?!)

- Clean out your closet and donate unused clothing

... that was just the list I made in literally 2 minutes. If I had another 5 minutes, I could think of a ton more!

This doesnt have to be a huge "Home Rennovation", just keep it simple and you will feel great!

So who is in?!?!?