The Enchilada Scale

You might notice in some of my recipe posts that I make mention of an "Enchilada Scale." The meaning behind that term is this:

My husband's all time favorite thing to eat that I make are enchiladas. Whenever I would try a new recipe, I would ask him how he liked it and I usually got an answer that went something like this: "Its fine, but I like enchiladas better."

In an effort to find something else the guy went nuts for, I started asking him how each meal compared to enchiladas. I would say, "Ok, 10 being enchiladas, what number is this meal?" And he would then reply, "an 8 or 9".

That simple answer was all I needed to know if the new recipe was worth keeping! I obviously knew nothing was going to satisfy him the way enchiladas did, but him telling me how close or far from satisfaction he was was exactly the answer I needed.

So the enchilada scale continues to be brought up at nearly every meal in our home and I am bringing it to you through this blog as my way of rating the recipes I post here.

Now that you're in on the lingo around here, start testing these recipes for yourself and let me know what number you rate them on the now famous Enchilada Scale.