Where Did I Come Up WIth This Random Name Of My Blog?


Today I thought about disclosing the reason behind the random name of this blog of mine!
The memory I want to share goes back to the summer of '97 when I hitched a ride to Lake Mead with my then best friend and future sister in law's family. Me and the Box family- a bunch of girls and poor Tom.
Here are some of my memories of that week:
- It was my first (and last) time water skiing! I swallowed half the lake and got the biggest wedgie! I was afraid to get out of the water because I thought my butt was bleeding! (Sorry if that sounds crude- it sure felt awful!) Did I mention I never got up on the skis? Hence the reason I haven't tried it again!
-We had some serious fun playing Phase 10!
- Reena took some horrible pictures of me with my hair braided crazy and threatened to use them as blackmail! I have those pictures, but I do not have the negatives...
- The girls went into town one night and hit up the local Denny's. I have pictures of us there that still make me smile! (That was long before digital pictures, but I should scan them and upload them!)
- This is random, but I remember Becca coloring some pillowcases for our future monther in law's ward for their skit at girl's camp.
- Rob had receintly left for his mission, so any spare second of the day not spent laughing and having girl talk was spent thinking of him and how long 2 years sounded.
- Jason Box was also in the MTC so we all spent time writing our missionaries.
- We stopped at Carl's Jr. on the way home.
- Anneke clogged the toliet with a week's worth of poo and some female personal items. She them refused to clean it out and the chore was given to Becca. Oh poor Becca...
- Me and Jenny had matching pink bathing suits. The same swimsuit that I was told was too immodest to wear to a youth conference later that same summer. Whatever! It was a one-piece!
- Herbal Essences Shampoo was a new product on the market and smelt like heaven. On the drive to the lake, Jenny bought a magazine that had an advertisement in it for Herbal Essences. On the ad there was an 800 number and a 10 digit code that when entered would tell you if you won any free Herbal Essence products. If you won, you would then give your name and address. At each of the rest stops we went to on the way, we would call the 800 number and make up a random 10 digit code- some were winners, some were not! I remember when my samples of that shampoo came though, and I loved, loved, loved it! That was all Jenny's idea, if I remember correctly.
- The movie, "My Best Friend's Wedding" had just come out in theaters and we listened to the soundtrack the whole week. We also made up dances to several songs and ended up performing "Wishin' and Hopin'" at girls camp. I still remember the movements...
- There were some 12, no, 10 year old boys who thought they were flirting with us from their boat as we layed on our rafts. Maybe from a distance they thought they could get a piece of us. So we had some good laughs and made up some names- Shirley and Yolanda- and said we were from Hickville, Oklahoma. Somewhere one of them is blogging about the hot girls from the lake in '97. And probably he still hasn't ever had a girlfriend...