Freaky Friday!!!

Freaky Friday is a chance for us to meet other fantastic, creative people and become inspired!We switch blogs for the day and introduce ourselves to each others audience! It's a great way to link creative communities! If you would like to be featured on an up coming "Freaky Friday" please email me at
Let's meet today's guest...
Greetings creative minds, friends and future friends!!! I'm Becca, the Sister in law to the fabulous Stephanie !!!
We've been friends for over 15 years and happen to fall head over heals in love with brothers and got hitched just two weeks apart!! How cool is that!!! Secretly we hatched this perfect plan from the beginning... we had to come up with a way to spend Holidays together for the rest of our lives We not only share a last name but also a love to create and inspire!

Come check me out at Blue Cricket Design.

It's my little corner in Cyber Space where I share all my latest creations! My inner Martha Stewart, Julia Childs and Nate Burkus come out! My nights usually consist of me lying awake for hours with endless ideas running through my head. Cleverly enough it results in my posts on How To's, My creations in the kitchen, Decorating tips, Organization Ideas, Frugal finds and more!

And lucky for you I have this awesome giveaway going on right now!!! Its my "Craft Room Raid GIVEAWAY" where I am sending one lucky winner all my favorite must haves when it comes to Creative Supplies!

So jump on over to Blue Cricket Design! Steph and I have shared a lot of things over the last 15 years... a girls camp cabin, clothes, juicy secrets, a house, croissants and frosted cookies (hehe!!! her favorite breakfast by the way!!!)... why not share totally awesome blog friends!!!! Hope to see you soon!!!