July's Challenge Journal

July- Week Three

This week I am going to try to say more meaningful prayers! I get stuck saying repitious prayers and the monotony is not good. I want to think about what I am going to say before I start, and I also want to be more grateful and not ask for so many blessings!

July- Week Two

This week's overview:
I decided my kids were way too spoiled! Seriously on Thursday when we weren't doing anything for like an hour, Ethan was whinning about how boring his life was and how he couldn't wait to get back to school so he could get out of the house!!! We had been out of the house all week, including 2 slumber parties- I hate his attitude! So as much as I was totally excited to plan a fun activity every day to create summer memories, I think my kids got to expect it and maybe if we only do something fun every so often they will appreciate it more!!!

Friday, July 17th:
Today we drove all the way to Scottsdale to go to McDonalds! Not really, but thats how it ended up! We met the Whitleys at their house and jumped in the car and drove 35 minutes to Scottsdale for a Mud Mania day- basically they flood the park and the kids play in the mud. We got there and it was packed- way too crowded for my liking- and HOT HOT HOT! The kids and I were so sweaty, we literally got out of the car, walked to the mud pit, looked at the line and decided ice cream sounded way better! So we hit the local McDonalds and headed home!

Thursday, July 16th:
Today could've been better- we had lots of errands to run and the kids like getting out of the house, so that was good, but things didn't get fun for them til we went to grandma's house for the afternoon. They love grandma's house!

Wednesday, July 15th:
We spent the day swimming with the Davenports and came home around 3pm- just in time to clean the house and start dinner before Rob got home!

Tuesday, July 14th:
Today we went to Queen Creek to visit my aunt. She has 4 boys that my kids love to play with! We took all the kiddos to Mesquite Groves- a city water park in Chandler. It was a blast! Since Rob is out of town til tomorrow, we decided to spend the night in Queen Creek!

Monday, July 13th:
Took the kids shopping and let Ethan bring a friend- he chose Kenzie- and the kids had fun, I did not. 3 kids is bad enough walking through the mall- 4 was good birth control...

Sunday, July 12th:

This week my goal is to have fun with my kids everyday! I want to do something special and create fun summertime memories. Lately my kids have been really trying my patience and so this week I am going to try extra hard to let it roll off my back. I am hoping that by occupying their time and getting them out of the house will make them happier too. Wish me luck!

July- Week One

Week One Wrap Up:
I pretty much failed. I didn't ever get it all done. I got most of it done, but not all of it. I still have a basket of socks and towels to fold, and one light and dark load to wash and dry. My counter doesn't look nearly as full as it did at the beginning of the week, but it isn't how how want it to look either. Laundry will forever be my nemesis!

Friday, July 10th:
Today was a big day, but could've been bigger! I folded a bunch of towels, all of Ryan's clothes are folded and hung, I hung all of what needs to be hung of mine and Robs' and I re-made all the beds with clean linens from our company that was in town. I wanted to do more- I wanted to get it all done while watching the premier of "Big Brother"... but instead I got a bunch of vinyl orders done and I played with my kids. The rest of the Laundry can wait til tomorrow!

Thursday, July 9th:
Today I rewashed the stinky load left in the washer from Tuesday and sorted all the piles of laundry into which room they belong in. Tomorrow is the day! I am going to fold every last sock if I have to stay up all night and do it! Ugh, why is laundry so hard to keep done?!?

Wednesday, July 8th:
No progress. In fact I need to re wash a load I forgot about in the washer from yesterday. Hopefully it doesn't stink too bad in the laundry room. I am not doing so good with this challenge!

Tuesday, July 7th:
Today I stripped the beds and washed 2 loads of linens from having company over. Still waiting for motivation to fold it all. Baby steps, right?

Monday, July 6th:
Ok, I will be honest- I am hating that I chose this goal as I have no motivation to do any of it! I still have my BIL and his family in town, so hanging out with them is way more fun! Today the piles on the counter are still there and now they are even overflowing onto the floor. I hate laundry. (sigh)

Sunday, July 5th:

My Goal this week is to get and keep all the laundry done! Here is what I have to get done:

That's all clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away. I would estimate it to be about 6 or 7 loads. I think I only have a load or 2 waiting to be washed and dried, so that shouldn't add too much to the task at hand. But I do also have to wash the linens from having house guests this past weekend- sheets from 4 beds and towels from 6 people. All this will be done by next Sunday, July 12th.

Wish me luck...