"Pillow Talk"

Quite possibly my favorite invention yet!

I was joking with Rob the other night about sending him a "sign" so he knows exactly how I feel about "nighttime activities." I was only half serious at the time, but the more I thought about it, the funnier it became so I came up with this idea:

I got a regular old 5x7 frame and replaced the glass with some sheet metal so it is magnetic. I added some vinyl letters to title it and then I made some marble magnets with some positive and some negative sayings. Only 2 magnets are pictured here (and they didn't picture well with the glare, but they are cute, I promise!) Here is what they say:

Positive Saying Ideas:
In the mood
Activate launch sequence
I’m game
Let’s Play
Ready for Fun

Negative Saying Ideas:
Not in the mood
Not tonight
Maybe Tomorrow
Um, no.
Try again later

Another idea for the marbles could be a solid piece of red paper on one and a solid piece of green on another to show a "red or green light."

Anyway, I can't wait for the next bridal shower I go to! Every girl needs one of these!!! If for nothing else but to laugh at and secretly agree at how helpful and true it is!

Now there is no more wondering if he's going to get lucky- now he will know in advance exactly how you feel!

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