Sweet Silhouette

Just another one of the BAZILLION crafts I have tried from my SIL. This one is so precious and so easy. I am just amazed how much it looks like the actual little girls!

Here's What You Need:
Scrapbook paper- something that coordinates with the room you want it in. I made mine for Leah's Lady Bug Room
1 black piece of cardstock
Canvas (I guess you could use wood too)
Profile picture- (this can be just printed off your computer, quality does not matter! Print it in the size you want your silhouette to be)
Mod podge & sponge brush
Ribbon to hang it (or hardware)
Embellishments- I used ribbon and a flower with a button.

Here's How To Do It:
Measure and cut four strips of scrapbook paper to cover the edges of your canvas and measure and cut one large piece to cover the front.

Use Mod Podge to glue the paper to each side and the front of your canvas. I think bubbles are inevitable- I tried my best to get rid of huge air pockets, but just smooth it out as best you can!

Take the profile picture from your computer and cut it out.

Lay the image on the black piece of card stock and trace around the edges. Then cut out the traced image.

Using Mod Podge, glue the black silhouette onto your canvas, and then apply Mod Podge all over the top of the silhouette and the edges of the canvas to create a seal.

Once the canvas is dry, you can embellish any way you want! Then just add a ribbon and put it on display!