April 2009 Challenge

Get Creative

Each weekday this month, stretch your creativity and do something new! This doesn't mean you have to craft everyday! It may be a new fun game with the kids or a creative meal or project. It is an excuse to motivate and make memories! I will be sharing my adventures here and would love to hear what you are doing to stir up your creative juices. Leave a comment and a link to your blog so I can check it out and be inspired my you! Here are a few ideas to get us all motivated!

indoor picnic
photo shop picture editing
redecorate/rearrange a room
paint a picture
journal for yourself and kids
try a new recipe
create a schedule
redesign your blog
knit a hat
create a slide show
have a photo session with the family
send a note on home made cards
refinish a piece of furniture
make a home made treat