Day 11

Good, Clean FUN!

Creative Cleaning- Taking A Page Out of Becca's Book

Getting the kids to have fun while cleaning can be a chore in itself! Sometimes its just easier to bypass the whines and fits and clean up myself. Today I decided to try Becca's take on Creative Cleaning, and it was a great cleaning experience that didn't end in tears! Imagine that!

I gave each of the kids a baby wipe and told them there would be a prize for whoever came back to me with the dirtiest wipe! The kids were off- dusting the blinds, wiping the tile in the entry way, getting the fingerprints off the banister... and they were laughing while they were doing it! Surprisingly, Leah won! (She's my little clean freak!)

Then I took it a step further and went to the playroom. I told the kids we would all make our own pile of toys and whoever could make their pile the biggest would also get a prize. Ethan won this competition, and he was so happy about it.

Now, with 3 piles of toys sitting on the playroom floor, I issued one last challenge. I told the kids that whoever can have all the toys in their piles put into the toybox before I counted to 30 could go in the hottub after dinner. The race was on, and I didn't even have to slow down my counting- everything was put away in under 30 seconds!

At the end of it all, I had 2 happy kids, a clean house and one very happy momma!