Challenge Ideas

It is time to pick a new challenge for the month of July. What are your thoughts? Here are some ideas I came up with months ago- some of them we have already done, but I have loved each of the past ideas, so I don't mind a repeat if the majority votes that way. If you have a better idea, let me know! I will post the new challenge on July 1st- next Wednesday.

- Blog about something we love every week day. Anything from family members, vacation spots, summer treats etc.
- Blog about something creative you made- a craft, a new game with the kids, a new way of doing something etc.
-Better your home. You could clean something you dont usually get to, touch up those areas that need some touch up paint, clean/de-clutter something different each day- not like a huge chore, I am talking about one drawer or closet or makeup bag each week day.
- Each Sunday you could set a goal to better yourself (ie. finishing that project you started years ago, reading scriptures, saying more meaningful prayers, writing in your journal, finishing a good book each week etc.) and then each day of the week you can post about your progress. This would be good for those people who, like myself, have good intentions of setting a New Years Resolution but always fail miserably by week 2. Since this goal is only a week long, I cant see myself falling flat on my face!
-Write a note to someone everyday of the week. Thank you notes, love notes, notes of encouragement etc. The problem with this is it may be too personal to blog about!
-A picture a day. Capture a great picture of anything you want!
-Do something nice for someone every day... whether it's letting someone pass you while you drive, inviting people over for dinner, leaving a sweet note for a friend, etc.

... thats all I can think of right now- can you think of anything better?