Chore Chart

This is the chart I made for the summer time. I was sick of the kids getting up and turning on the TV without getting dressed or brushing their teeth. Its like as soon as the TV comes on for the day, the house becomes so lazy and nothing else gets done! I am ok with an occasional lazy day in PJ's but our summer was turning into a daily pajama party! Plus the kids wouldn't eat breakfast til almost lunch time and that threw our schedule way off. So I made this chart that has their morning "before TV" chores and a nighttime "before bed" chores. So far it has worked pretty good!

Here is how I made it:

Materials Needed:

- Poster Board
- Construction Paper, or scrapbook paper
- Tape
- Glue
- Chore Chart Document (I created an excel document, but this doesn't have to be anything fancy!)
- Stickers to show completion, but you can also use a marker or crayon and color the squares.

Step 1: Put glue all over the back side of your construction paper and mount it to the cardboard. (I let Leah do this part!)

Step 2: Tape all 4 corners of the chart and mount it to the construction paper.

Step 3: Hang it on the wall!

Ta Da! Nothing fancy, but very functional

If you are interested in a more "sophisticated" chore chart, I make these and sell them on etsy. Check it out!