Skeletons in My Closet aka "Clothes I have had Since High School!"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cleaning my closet! LOVE IT!
It just feels so great to get rid of clothes that you have been hanging on to for no reason, other than it makes you look like you have more clothes!
I have some things in my closet I haven't worn forever- it may not fit right,but maybe someday it will fit again. It may not be in fashion, but maybe someday it will come back around (ie Overalls!) Whatever the reason is, I am guilty of hanging onto things that I never wear!
BUT- I go through my closet almost monthly and toss at least a pile of items every time I do this. My closet is shrinking faster than it is growing now a days, but that is ok with me! Getting rid of clutter, clothes and crap is like my heroine! (Like I know what that feels like!)
My sister loves when I do this, as she is the first to go through my unwanted items. The rest are donated and never to be seen by me again! I love it!
Anyway, I went through my closet again and got rid of these old "beauties". This pile actually grew a little when I folded laundry too. I was still in "junk mode" and decided I would rather toss it than fold it!
I should've taken a picture of my closet, but oh well. Maybe next month...