Faithful Friday

"When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel."
It is only 11:22 as I type this and already the day has been a disaster! We have been getting random phone calls from some survey company since 4:30am! They call every hour and when you answer, they hang up. There is no number to call back from the caller ID, just the company name. So I went to the company's website and there is a whole page about how these calls are not from them and they are working to fix the problem! So irritating...
Because the phone has been ringing every hour, Ryan, who usually sleeps til 9 was up when the phone was ringing for the 4th time at 7am. He has been super grumpy all day just crying and whinning.
Leah, too, has been crying all morning and I have put her in time out 3 times and spanked her once- I hate spanking, but this is my last resort.
Ethan has been great all day until just now. I made lunch and he has decided to be the pickiest kid in the world. Seriously, he used to eat everything. Now, he rarely eats anything without a fight and it drives me crazy.
He and Leah are fighting downstairs as we speak because she won't stop looking at him and she is apparently not chewing with he mouth closed. Shes 2.
Its days like these that have me never wanting another baby again. I can't deal with the 3 I have!
When I came on the computer to see the challenge for the day, I thought this could be exactly what I need! I need to go lock myself in my room and get down on my knees. I need to ask for patience, I need to ask for love, and I need to see the good and happiness that comes from being a mom. If I count my blessings, maybe I will feel more blessed and not so out of control!
At the end of my prayer I will thank my Heavenly Father for giving me all that I have... and then I might ask for a bit more patience.