Thriving Thursday

Man how I have missed crafting!!! I haven't made anything creative for over a month and reading all of your creative blogs has definitely given me the itch to create! I should've taken pictures of all I did today, but I didn't. And honestly, nothing was that fantastic. Maybe this time away from crafting has fried my brain and I am no longer creative. I hope not because I still had fun. Here is what I made:
Doll clothes for one of Leah's dolls.
Some bows
Some flip flops
A skirt for Leah (though I am not done and it is not looking too pretty!)
I also got a bit creative with some old lingerie! Don't laugh til I explain! I have a drawer full of lingerie that I got from my bridal shower 8 years ago- most of them still with tags attached! Instead of dumping them, I cut them up and made some silk blankies. One side is made from the silk lingerie, the other side is a soft flannel. Leah always loves sleeping with something silky, so this was perfect for her! It is recycling at its best!
I am leaving on vacation tomorrow, so the crafting will stop for now, but I hope to get all my stuff back out again soon!