Thoughtful Thursday

What is Occupying My Thoughts on Thoughtful Thursday???

After talking to my sister in law today, I am so wanting to craft! I want to bust out my sewing machine, buy some cute fabric and go nuts like I haven't done in months! I want to get creative! My issue right now is that I am in "Toss It Mode" and find myself cleaning and decluttering every spare second of the day. Doesn't sound like a bad thing, right? Well the problem is this: I am not getting anything else done! I have laundry coming out of the walls that needs to be folded, I have a to-do list that is ever growing, and I have a craft table that is calling my name! I decided to do a garage sale tomorrow and get rid of everything that is overflowing from our 3rd car garage (thats where I have been stashing all junk to get rid of). Then maybe next week I can let my creative juices flow and get lost in what I love to do most!

Sorry for the random thoughts! I took a different approach to the "Being Thoughtful" challenge, but don't hate me for it!