What to Wear Wednesday

Does it count if I didn't actually get dressed til 2:30 in the afternoon???

I started the morning with a goal: Get entire front yard weeded, mowed, edged and hosed off. Because of this goal, I chose to put on some gray yoga pants and a grungy old white t shirt. I worked in the front yard from 9am - 2 pm, stopping only from 11-11:30 to feed the kids lunch! My hands are in need of a manicure, I was bitten by more ants than I can count, and since our edger is broken, I trimmed the entire lawn with scissors!!! (what? it works!)

So at 2:30, I decided to shower and get dressed for the day- for real this time! I chose something similar, but not as nice as the picture below. I did my hair, but ended up pulling it back anyway, (Thats what you do in the summertime, right?) and I also did my make-up.

I felt great when I went to my friend's house at 4, and I felt even better looking nice when Rob got home from work. I should get dressed more often!