Random Vinyl Projects

I thought I would just keep an on going post about some random vinyl projects I have done! I will update as I get more pictures...

I cut this vinyl for my MIL to give to her YW at New Beginnings this year. I love how they turned out, I had one displayed in my home... until Ryan knocked it onto the tiled floor. That was the end of that one!

The YW in my MIL's ward made these for their moms for Mother's Day

I made this for me because it is one of my favorite quotes, but then my friend liked it so much, I gave it away! I think I want to make another one... and keep it this time!

I was given this by my sister in law for Christmas and got compliments all the time from guests that would come over. I have since made several varying ones for gifts. So easy!

This is a great idea for a teacher's or neighbors gift! I usually get swamped with orders for these at the end of the year or at Christmas time or the end of a school year. The jars are only a few bucks at IKEA- add some vinyl (you could even add their name to personalize it) add some treats, tie some ribbon on the top and done!

I took this mirror that I got at IKEA (super cheap)...

...put this quote on it....

...and made this!
I LOVE this project! I just took a black fram and put this vinyl on top of the glass!

We have all seen these! Here is a popular style I have made several times!

Something our ward did for a Super Saturday:

I thought this was a cute idea- Jenny V. had me cut this vinyl for her and then she centered it on a big wall surrounded by framed pictures of her family. Wish I had a picture of the end result, but you get the idea!

The options are endless with some vinyl- I have so much fun with my cutter! Every home should have one!