To DYE For!

Today for "Make Something Monday", the kids and I made great use of some old stained shirts that were ready to be thrown away!

We turned this

into this

Heres how!

Materials Needed:

- Fabric dye. I used Rit- they have a bunch of colors, its cheap and its easy to use. It is usually found on the laundry detergent aisle.
- T Shirt. Test out the stained ones you are ready to toss- you might be happily surprised!

- Large pot
- Hot Water
- Salt
- Spoon to stir around with (if you use a wooden spoon, it will get stained!)
- Tongs
- Rubber bands


Prepare dye according to package directions. I added more water once the shirt was in because it didnt seem to be enough and I didnt want the shirt to burn on the bottom of the pan!

While waiting for the water to boil, pinch the shirt in a small bundle and wrap around the rubber band tightly. Do this several times, all over the shirt.

Add the shirt to the pot of boiling dye and stir for around to ensure it is totally covered. Leave in for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally as long as there is enough water to cover the shirt. If there isn't enough water, either add some more, or keep stirring so your shirt doesn't burn!

When finished, take out with tongs and run under cold water to make sure all extra dye runs out.

Now let it dry! You could stick it in the dryer, or leave it on your front porch like I did if you live in Arizona and it is 110 degrees outside!

When the shirt is totally dry, take off the rubber bands to see what it all looks like! For me, this felt like opening a present on Christmas morning!


If you don't want to get stuck doing all the work, then save this craft for older kids. Mine were too young to do it themselves, but I knew that going into it. That doesn't mean they didn't have fun though- look how happy they are with a bag of rubber bands and some salad tongs!!!

...and of course Leah is just loving her "new shirt!" The smile on this girly girl's face makes this craft an absolute success!