Flip Flops

Living in Arizona means you can practically wear flip flops all year long- and that is fine by me! A couple years ago, I met Lisa and fell in love with her sandals! I decided to make some for Leah and when I realized how fun they were to make, I began selling these at local boutiques. I started creating a site to someday sell them, but I never fully launched anything on there- maybe someday... (sigh)...

The sandals pictured above were ones I made recently for Leah when I found flip flops at Old Navy for 97 cents! Leah loves wearing shoes (a little too much!) and I love making these, so together we make a great team!

If you haven't tried making these yet, get going! They are easy easy! Just make or buy a bow, secure it to the flip flop with some hot glue. Then take some wire and wrap it around a few times to make sure it stays nice and snug. Cover the wire with some ribbon and that's it!

Come on, its summer time- time to show off those feet!