July's Challenge- Coming Right Up!

Lets call this one "New Weeks Resolution"

... I was never good at a New Years Resolution, so maybe weekly goals are what I need to set!

Here's how to do it:

Every Sunday night, set a goal for yourself. Something you want to do or improve on all week long. Some ideas that I have are...
- Get and Keep all the laundry done
- Work in the garden everyday (even in the 100 degree heat!)
- Spend one on one time with each of my kids daily
- Make a nice homemade meal using a new recipe ever day
- Read a book
- Say more meaningful prayers
- Read my scriptures
- Do a random act of kindness

....hmmm, I think July might need more than 4 weeks in it! I have a lot I could improve on.

Anyway, blog about what your goal is by Monday and update us on your progress as often as you can! We can all cheer for each other!

Good luck!