French Bread Pizza

You can keep this simple or get really creative. My kids love to help me when I make this!

1 Loaf of french bread
Sauce (I usually use Marinara, but I have tried a yummy alfredo for a white chicken pizza and I have tried a BBQ sauce for a Southwest chicken pizza- both were fantastic!)
Pizza Toppings- we usually do canadian bacon and pineapple
Cheese- I use whatever I have on hand!

1. Cut bread in half lengthwise

2. Hallow bread out just a tad so the toppings fit in and don't spill out and over. This works especially great if you are using any toppings that are chunky- like chicken, veggies, pineapple etc. If you are just doing a cheese pizza, you can probably skip this step.

3. Spread the sauce. Use as little or as much as you would like. This is my kid's favorite part!

4. Top it off! Sprinkle the cheese and then layer the toppings. (Sometimes I put the toppings under the cheese if I am trying to hide veggies from my kids!)

5.Lay bread face up on cookie sheet and cook in oven at 400 degrees til ingredients are cooked through and cheese is melted.

6. Lastly, enjoy it as much as my 1 year old enjoys it! (But try not to make as big of a mess with it, will ya?)