Day 3

Since this is my "happy blog", I won't mention my current stress and discouragement of 6 homework assignments, 3 discussion board responses, 1 quiz and 1 test (which I failed) all due by midnight tonight . Instead, I will let you all know how I am escaping this stress for my "Get Creative" Day #3. There really isn't much creativity involved, but it will be enriching, and that counts, right? In 1 hour I am leaving all my homework (done or not) and I am going out with some girlfriends to a movie. Thats right, I don't care if it gets done or not, I have had enough stressing over this and I am doing myself the favor of leaving it all behind for a few hours. If I get back tonight and feel like completing it, maybe I will. But for now, I am so done. Done. Done. Done. Whew. I am smiling already!