Day 4

Tomorrow is our monthly pack meeting for Boy Scouts and all month long I have been racking my brain trying to figure out a cute and practical way to display what the boys have completed. Today a great idea finally hit me! Paper Bag Scrapbooks!!!

I got a paper bag for every month from January (when I was called to be their leader) until now. I kept the decorating simple- basically just titled it by month and typed a sentence or two of what we worked on during that month. I added some pictures I took at each activity and then I laminated the entire bag.

I cut a small strip of the laminated bag off from the side of the bag that opens to create "pockets" where I put all the papers and projects that were completed during the month.

Lastly, I punched 2- 3/4 inch circles along the side and tied with ribbon to bind it all together.

I want them to create their own cover, so that will go on top of it all next month. My plan for this scrapbook is for the boys to add to it each month and display it again and again at each pack meeting until it is fully complete with all 12 months and they can take it with them when they advance in scouting. I think this scrapbook will be a nice keepsake that’s easy to store if they decide to keep it for a long time.

So there it is. Easy, fun, and practical!