Day 5

Today I used the "Get Creative Challenge" and made it more personal. The picture above is my inspiration.

I took the next step to getting fit, and I am now working out 2x's a week with a guy in our ward who has decided to kick my butt and get me in shape! (Not that even if I lost 25lbs I would ever look that great in a bikini, but I am sure going to try!) We have a cruise coming up next month that I have to be a little less flabby for!

My hopes is that I can go from this:

(I am the one on the end! What? At least my skimpy bottoms are covered!) He he

To this!

I worked out with Marc once last week, but today was the day I committed to do it twice a week from here on out.

Oh, and I am dragging Rob with me! We are going to be the hottest couple on the cruise!!!