Day 6

I did 3 new things today, all with the kiddos!

First off, I took Ethan and Leah to Dairy Queen for dipped cones after the Dentist! No cavities and creamy soft-serve covered in chocolate goodness. The kids had fun and I had a reason to snack on some high calories! We will definitely be doing this again and could perhaps make it a tradition. (Except it might have to be an "Every Friday" tradition rather than every 6 months after the Dentist- I don't know that I can go too long in between sweet treats from the DQ.)

Secondly, we got a little creative with some song and dance time this evening. Leah wanted a microphone like Hannah Montana, so we grabbed my 3lb weights, which are metal, unscrewed one end and ta-da! An instant microphone!

And lastly, I played baseball with Ethan in the yard today and we made our own bases from plants in the front yard and we got pretty creative with the rules so that 1 on 1 worked for us.

Today was a good day...