Day 7

Today I got creative with some photo editing!

After this week's Biggest Loser, I really can't stand Ron! I didn't like him after the second or third week, and he has just gone downhill in my book from there! Last night convinced me that the show was totally rigged. I think the weigh in is rigged and the producers definitely use some creative editing! Hearing Sione and his wife fill me in on other "non-aired" details, I just can't believe anything they portray from any character anymore. They made him and Filipe look so bad and let Ron "The Godfather" come out looking triumphant!

They didn't highlight the part from the week before when Filipe was below the yellow line and Ron was trying to get Filipe out. THATS THE REASON THEY TURNED ON HIM IN THE LAST SHOW- Ron made the first move of betrayal!!! And the reason Jilian wouldn't work out Filipe in the Gym was because he refused to drink a cup of coffee before each workout like she demanded each of her teammates to do. None of that was shown! It make me sick! I will never watch this show after this season again!

Anyway, so my creative-ness was to pok a little fun at Ron, my least favorite contestant.

His nickname around here is "Triple Tit" (sorry if that is too vulgar, its just what we say!) Can you tell what I did to this photo? Its kinda small...

If that one was obvious enough, here it is blown up:

And lastly, I think since his last operation didn't work, he needs to go in for one more and change completely. Here is what I think he might come out looking like. Notice he hasnt lost any of his weight...

Ron I hope you "drop dead and die"(.... his words, not mine.)

Happy Thursday everyone!!! :)