Rain Sticks!

Make Something Monday was super fun today! Who doesn't love to pick up those cool rain sticks in the store every time you see one?! Today me and the kiddos made our own- heres how!


Long tubes: I needed 3 for my 3 kids, so I used 1 shipping tube, 1 gift wrap tube and 1 paper towel tube- just what I had laying around!

Strips of cardboard: I cut strips from food boxes. Just make sure they are thin enough to fit inside your tube.

Packing tape: You want it as wide as possible to cover the opening of your tube.

Seeds or rice: I used rice, pinto beans and dried split peas- again, just what I had on hand!

Accessories to decorate: We used markers & ribbon


Tape one end of your tube. I just laid the tape in several different directions over the opening

Wrap the base of the tube a few times around to secure the ends of each strip of tape. Does that make sense? Basically just make sure it is well taped so that your Rain Stick won't leak!

Cut cardboard strips out of boxes to be thinner than your tube (about 1 inch wide should work).

Fold the cardboard strips back and forth like a fan.

Put the strips into the tube. The first one should fall to the bottom of the tube. Keep adding strips until they reach the top of the tube.

Pour rice and seeds into the tube.

Tape the other end.
Decorate the tube with markers, paints or by gluing on paper or ribbon.
Ta Da! (Yep, Ethan is not happy about all the pictures I took for this. He was totally refusing to smile and be a part of it!)